Wellbeing is how we’re doing as individuals, communities and as a nation, and how sustainable that is for the future.

What Works Wellbeing

I’m Gabriella Campelli-Ignacz, wellbeing professional and educator.

Join me in discovering the latest trends in wellbeing:

  • what we as individuals can do for our own health;
  • what workplaces can do for the wellbeing of their employees;
  • why family wellbeing is crucial for a healthy society;
  • how communities can further collective wellbeing…

and so much more.

Let’s put wellbeing into focus.

The Podcast

Check out the podcast where I interview experts from around the world in the fields of wellbeing, happiness, and parenthood.

We discuss the latest trends, ideas, and strategies that can help individuals, workplaces, and communities thrive.

Would you like to be a guest on the podcast? Get in touch and let’s talk.

Online Courses

Take a look at the available online courses that you can take from the comfort of your home. These self-paced courses can be completed at your convenience.

We’ll be adding more topics as we go.

Would you like the courses for your workforce? Drop me a line and let’s discuss the details.

For Workplaces

Would you like me to create something specifically for your organisation?

Whether it’s online content for your company’s intranet, talks or webinars for your employees, or help with your overall wellbeing strategy – I’m here for you.

Contact me and let me know how I can help you.

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