Hello, and welcome to my website!

This website is dedicated to promoting wellbeing and helping individuals, businesses, and communities thrive.

Wellbeing is more than just healthy eating and exercise – it’s also about happiness, contentment, life satisfaction, meaningful relationships, having a purpose, work-life balance, and financial stability.

In recent years wellbeing has been moved into the spotlight, and rightly so. The wellbeing of people is crucial for the healthy functioning of society as a whole. Whether it is helping individuals, organisations, or communities advance their wellbeing, every step is moving us in the direction of a better future.


About me

I’m Gabriella Campelli-Ignacz, a wellbeing professional who is passionate about making a difference.

The areas that I’m particularly interested in are parenthood, happiness, and workplace wellbeing.

Wellbeing for Mothers is a website that I founded in order to support mums with expert advice and inspirational stories about wellbeing, happiness, and family life. My book, Your Postpartum Journey – the transition from pregnancy to motherhood explores how to navigate postpartum recovery, what changes mothers go through at this delicate time, and how they can take on their new role with confidence.

I was born in Hungary and travelled extensively through my studies and work. I’ve lived in five countries so far, which has significantly shaped my worldview and helped me see various topics from different perspectives. I currently live in Austria with my husband, our son, and a cheeky little rescue dog.