It was lovely to chat with Elly Taylor about perinatal relationships in this podcast episode. Elly is a relationship counsellor, award winning author of “Becoming Us: The Couple’s Guide to Parenthood”, keynote speaker, and founder of Becoming Us: a perinatal relationship education and training for care professionals. 

We talk about how preparations for birth and parenting are important, but there is currently a gap when it comes to preparing parents for parenthood and the changing relationships with each other and themselves. Elly shares some tips with us how couples can navigate this journey and keep their relationship on track.

Elly explains that parenthood can often cause couples to grow apart; but it doesn’t have to be this way. She also gives us some insight into the most common issues couples experience in their relationships, and how they can avoid them.  

And there is so much more – listen to the episode and enjoy! 🎙🤗

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Elly!

Listen to the full episode below: