In this episode we’re talking about postpartum care and the work of postpartum doulas with Danielle Bensky. Danielle is a postpartum doula and founder of Mothers Transition, providing postpartum doula services in Helsinki, Finland. She is also part of the NEST doula collective in Finland, working with foreign families in English.

Danielle tells us about what it is exactly that postpartum doulas do, and why their support is invaluable for new mothers. She highlights how this kind of postpartum care used to be universal a very long time ago, and how it is important to bring it back and make it a part of essential pregnancy and mother and baby care. 

She also gives tips to those mums who don’t have access to postpartum doulas and shares practical advice about what they can do to prepare for a positive postpartum experience.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Danielle!

Listen to the full episode below: