In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Sanjeev Sandhu, happiness and wellbeing trainer, speaker, PhD researcher in positive psychology and wellbeing, and published author.

Sanjeev tells us how during his first career in finance and accounting he noticed that the key difference between people who were fulfilled and unfulfilled was the spark in their eyes, and how he subsequently went on to find his own spark – by changing careers and diving into personal development, happiness and wellbeing.

As an Art of Brilliance trainer, Sanjeev now works with individuals, companies, and schools around the world delivering workshops and talks about all things positive psychology, personal development, happiness, and wellbeing. He tells us why businesses now need to put wellbeing on the agenda more than ever before, why children benefit from wellbeing skills being taught in schools, and why it’s time to change the conversation from mental health to mental wealth.

Sanjeev is the co-author of two books: How to Be a Well Being: Unofficial Rules to Live Every Day, a Business Book Awards 2021 Finalist in personal development and wellbeing, and Be You-nique: Find Your X-Factor, a book specifically tailored for teenagers in India.

To discover more about Sanjeev and his work please visit his website

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sanjeev!

Listen to the full episode below: