In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Michael Ray, solo dad, author, public speaker, and advocate for gender equality.

Michael tells us about how outdated gender stereotypes hurt fathers and men in general. He highlights that personality traits and behaviour associated with masculinity or femininity are not determined by gender, but by character and values.

Michael also shines a light on how the equality debate often doesn’t include fathers and how this should be improved. The bumbling man-child image of fathers is demeaning and patronising, when the truth is that men can be very capable fathers if they’re given the opportunity to practice and learn.

Workplaces need to facilitate fathers doing more parenting because, as Michael points out, true equality for women at the workplace cannot happen without true equality for men at home.

To discover more about Michael and his work please visit his website

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Michael!

Listen to the full episode below: