I started writing about motherhood when I became a mum myself. I went to all the antenatal classes, read lots of books, researched everything online – and yet something was missing. I read so much about pregnancy and baby things that I thought I was well-prepared. Then my baby was born… and I felt lost. When the hospital staff told us that we were free to go home, I looked at my partner in panic. “Really? They are actually letting us take this tiny human being home? Just like that?” I remember thinking, “How do I do this? How do I suddenly become a mum? What is it that makes a good mum anyway? How do I get this right?”

The fact that I lived in a foreign country away from my family didn’t help; nor did the fact that both my partner and I were students at the time. Mature students at university, but students nevertheless; and a part-time job didn’t exactly sustain us adequately. Things were tough. First I thought I found it difficult because of our challenging circumstances; but when I started asking other mums I realised that they all found it difficult.
They all found that they knew everything about pregnancy and birth, but becoming a mother, being a mother was about something else. So many of them said to me “I wish someone had told me that…” –and this is what gave me the idea for this book.

I interviewed mums and professionals about the emotional journey to motherhood. The love and joy, but also the unpleasant things: the fear, the tears, the world turning upside down. Because it matters. I want women to feel empowered and prepared for the reality, so it doesn’t come as a shock. That’s what this book is about. Honest talk with other mothers who have been there.

We have to talk openly and honestly about the challenges of motherhood, because a lot of women suffer. The rates of postnatal depression are soaring, and sadly there are also a lot of mothers who suffer in silence. We’re trying to change that. The book is currently available on Amazon and it features some beautiful artwork by Roz Down (you can find her at Roz’s Art House)

Grab your copy here and enjoy!