In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Sally Singleton, mindfulness consultant and trainer, and Founder of Mindful Interlude, delivering evidence-based mindfulness courses to individuals and organisations.

Sally tells us about the different aspects of mindfulness,  and explains how they all focus on slightly different things. She reassures us that the mind chatter that so many people experience during meditation is completely normal and it doesn’t mean we’re doing anything wrong.

We also talk about the limitations of mindfulness apps and how they cannot replace the guidance provided by a qualified mindfulness practitioner. Sally works with organisations and coaches, and she also runs a 4-week mindfulness course live online for individuals from time to time. Follow her Instagram page to find out when the next course is, or sign up for her 5 day Mindfulness Habit Starter freebie.

Sally is also teaching mindfulness in primary schools and tells us about how the practice can benefit children.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Sally!

Listen to the full episode below: