In this episode I’m interviewing Antoinette Villamil, director of Many Mothers, an organisation in Santa Fe, New Mexico providing support to all local families with babies, free of charge. 

Antoinette tells us how their flagship Maternal Support Program, which provides practical, hands-on support through volunteers and is available at no cost to all local families, works in practice. She also talks to us about their other programs that are available for income-eligible families only. 

Through the incredible generosity of Many Mothers, other communities can also follow their example and set up their own support system for local parents. There have been a number of such initiatives already popping up in other places, and Antoinette is happy to share the guides and resources with anyone who wishes to follow suit and further their community’s wellbeing by supporting parents and families. 

Thank you Antoinette for sharing your thoughts with us!

Listen to the full episode below: