In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Naomi Stadlen, existential psychotherapist and best-selling author of three books: What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothingHow Mothers Love: and how relationships are born, and What Mothers Learn: without being taught. For over 30 years, Naomi has listened to hundreds of mothers at her weekly discussion meetings, Mothers Talking, and at monthly meetings for La Leche League. As an existential psychotherapist she specialises in seeing mothers and parent-couples.

During our conversation Naomi shares her insights into motherhood and the invaluable work that mothers do. We talk about the perception of motherhood in society, how the situation of mothers has changed over the past decades, and what challenges modern mothers face.

She also gives suggestions how women could be better prepared for the realities of motherhood, and highlights that we need to find new words to accurately describe the experience of mothers and the invisible side of what they do.

To discover more about Naomi and her work please visit her website

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Naomi!

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