In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Emma Jarvis, founder of Dearbump and co-founder of Parent Promise, helping workplaces support parents during pregnancy, parental leave, and early parenthood.

Emma shares with us how her own experience of feeling unsupported  and overlooked as a new mum at her workplace made her leave the company and set up her own business instead supporting parents.

Her experience is far from being unique. Statistics show that 77% of mothers experience discrimination at work, 80% of new mums consider leaving their job during maternity leave, and 46% of mums change employers. These shocking numbers highlight the enormity of the issue and the need for workplaces to address it.

With diversity and inclusion being high on the agenda parents expect more help and support from their employers, and rightly so. Emma explains how creating family-friendly policies makes perfect business sense: it helps retain employees and saves the huge costs of having to find and replace talent, not to mention that parents who feel supported and valued by their companies are more engaged and motivated to do their best at work.

To discover more about how workplaces can support parents please visit the Parent Promise website or get in touch with Emma on LinkedIn.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Emma!

Listen to the full episode below: