In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Steven Kennedy, Founder of the PREPARE Foundation and Birthing Dads.  Steven is dedicated to helping families thrive from the get go, and aims to prevent perinatal mental health impacts to families by engaging expectant fathers and inspiring greater paternal involvement in maternity care.

Steven tells us about modern birth culture and how the gaps in antenatal education fail to prepare dads. He also highlights how the deep challenges new dads are facing are often overlooked, and contribute significantly to poor mental health outcomes.

Knowing what’s normal in childbirth is crucial for being in the room. However, as Steven explains, men are currently not being prepared adequately, they’re not being included, and often they’re being overlooked. If dads are better prepared, they can support mum better not only in the delivery room, but also during pregnancy and postpartum.

Steven has a wealth of resources for first-time dads to prepare them for birth and beyond, so make sure to check out his websites.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Steven!

Listen to the full episode below: