In this podcast episode I’m interviewing Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO of Villyge, an employer-paid benefit and full service, B2B solution supporting working parents and caregivers. Villyge connects employees and their family members 1:1 with a community of career coaches, parenting experts and healthcare specialists. They also provide management training and work with employers to shape corporate culture and create parent-friendly workplaces that increase productivity, reduce litigation, and encourage retention to expand the talent pool and increase diversity, equity and inclusion.

Es Debi explains, Villyge is a platform that helps managers to lead with empathy through employees’ life events, such as parenting, caregiving, elder care, or divorce, just to mention a few. Managers now need support more than ever, as employees expect their managers and companies to care about them personally and support them through big life events. Villyge can give managers a helping hand so that they can navigate this cultural shift that’s happening at the workplace post-pandemic, and create a culture of care so that all employees can thrive.

Debi also tells us about how the 1:1 employee support with Villyge experts works in practice. This is a service that companies that sign up with Villyge pay for, and all employees can access this support free of charge. Being able to receive personalised assistance can make a huge difference, and it can help employees navigate life events while keeping their careers on an upper trajectory.

If you’re an employer or HR professional make sure to check out the Villyge website and see how they can help you. Or if you’re an employee and would like to have Villyge at your workplace, let your manager or HR department know.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Debi!

Listen to the full episode below: