It was a pleasure to interview Valerie Lynn and learn more about Malaysian postpartum practices in this podcast episode. Valerie is a postnatal care specialist and has been a significant force in introducing after-birth recovery practices from Malaysia, its traditions, techniques, and treatments to women globally.

Valerie has benefited first-hand from Eastern medical modalities while living in Asia for over 20 years. She wrote her first book The New Mommy Plan: Restoring Your Post-Pregnancy Body Naturally, Using Women’s Traditional Wisdom, which resulted from a yearlong research project via the Malaysian Ministry of Health, Traditional Complementary Medicine department. The New Mommy Plan is endorsed by several leading childbirth educational organizations in the U.S. and internationally for postpartum doula and new parent education certification.

Valerie’s cookbook, Healing Meals: Simple Recipes for New Moms, is based on postnatal food science. Both books are the basis for her coaching services and corporate workshop for the public and private sector. 

Valerie explains to us why Malaysia is a true global benchmark when it comes to postpartum recovery and how other countries could learn from their practices. She tells us how perinatal mood disorders and postpartum recovery are connected, and that it is no coincidence that Malaysia has the lowest rates of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders at just 3%. Comparing this number to the 25% in the US, it becomes clear that we in Western countries still have a long way to go to achieve proper postpartum support – but the journey is not hopeless. And Valerie has the roadmap. 

To discover more about Valerie’s work please visit her website or get in touch with her on LinkedIn. 

Listen to this insightful episode and enjoy! 🎙🤗

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Valerie!

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